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Christoph Krause

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queer / lesbian / gay / bi / pan
male read
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Routine check-ups
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legally insured
privately insured
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"I was treated very respectfully. However, I didn't notice any gender-neutral designation." / "Visiting the proctologist was uncomfortable for me as a queer cis man who practices anal sex and I put it off for a long time. Dr. Krause's practice made me feel respectful and I was able to talk openly about my discomfort and my sexual practices. I was not discriminated against or made to feel uncomfortable for doing so, but was given helpful advice." / "I can't make any statements about dealing with other genders and identities. The doctor is cis male and initially tried a 'buddy' like behaviour to get through to his male read patient, me. However, after my outing, he was empathetic and did not try to connect and understand on a cis-het level."
Last updated: 25. December 2022, 12:04 pm