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A directory for queer­friendly and sensitised doctors

A Germany-wide directory of doctors, therapists & practices. Recommended by the community for the community.

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Against discrimination in the health sector

Everyone wants to feel safe and respected during medical examinations.

There are always situations where people from the LGBTQIA* community, people with an international background or because of their physical appearance have to fear discrimination, exclusion and / or insensitive treatment. This directory of queer-friendly and sensitive doctors and therapists is intended to help ensure that people from the LGBTQIA* community and others do not have to go without medical treatment. Non-discriminatory and respectful treatment should be possible for all.


Intersectionally structured

In addition, there are further click options in the anonymous questionnaire if the recommendation is also for:

and many other groups of people. However, this is only a very small selection of options. However, it shows that safe spaces must be available for many people and that the availability of different spaces must be thought of intersectionally.

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The directory keeps growing

The directory for queer-friendly and sensitised doctors, therapists and practices is constantly growing. Not only in the recommendations, but also in the possibilities of use: the filter options are also expanding based on user feedback. This is why the filters for language and accessibility have been added over time, as people are also looking for people who can help in languages other than German.

Elsewhere, the issue of accessibility has not yet reached many practices: Since it is on the topic of ramps for the landing that separates the building entrance and the practice door, or also orientation aids for blind & visually impaired people. At the same time, only very few practices offer communication in German Sign Language (DGS). 


Feedback welcome!

Through constant feedback from people in the community, the project reacts in an agile way and can thus help a broader crowd.  Other features include the FAQ, which answers the most frequently asked questions about the project. At the same time, the demand for counselling centres is frequent. These often have their own web presences, but are not yet easier to find via search engines. If there is feedback on how this directory for queer-friendly and sensitised doctors & therapists can grow further, the contact form for feedback can also be used at any time!


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Sensitised and respectful interaction

Queermed Germany is intended to compensate for what is currently not possible through the German health system: respectful, sensitised health care for all people living in Germany. As long as people are faced with such a problem due to discrimination and lack of empathy, there must be support from the population. Looking forward to a more sensitive and respectful future for all our fellow citizens.  For doctors and therapists, there is a guide on the website for sensitised interaction with patients that can broaden one’s horizons and hopefully improve the experience of one’s patients in the long run. 

Support Queermed

As the project is still privately financed and at the same time only managed by one person, support from outside is very welcome! There are several ways to do this: 

  • Talk about the project and share it on your own social media channels.
  • Draw attention to the project on your own website
  • Follow the project on Instagram / Twitter or Linkedin
  • Requesting display material & stickers (free of charge)
  • Financial support via Steady to cover hosting costs, printing and shipping material 


You want to get in touch with Queermed?

Feel free to get in touch via the contact form!

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