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Why it needs such a project

Why is Queermed Germany needed?

For many people from the queer community, but also from other groups, it is still not a matter of course to seek medical help.

As in many other social structures and systems, there are also prejudices in the health sector. At the same time, there is also a lack of professional competence in certain areas.

This can lead to people who already exclude medical help because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or other identifying characteristics such as religious affiliation or body image, which have led to discrimination in other areas of life. 

Where the project should help

Especially this power imbalance between the treating person and the patient; the fact that we are dependent on the professional expertise and goodwill of the other person in the practice, shows the necessity of being able to find such places.

With a lot of luck, we get recommendations from the community itself, but especially when we move or are completely independent of the environment, we cannot get valuable recommendations from friends or acquaintances.

This is exactly where Queermed Germany is meant to support people.

Sara Grzybek Gründerin Queermed Deutschland
Sara Grzybek (no pronouns / they), founder of Queermed Germany

"Ideally, we wouldn't need this project, but we need these safe spaces so that we can also safely seek medical help. At the same time, the project openly shows the problem that there are very many people in Germany who cannot access medical help without discrimination."

The 'team' behind Queermed

Even if it doesn’t look like it, Queermed is currently still being managed by me alone. I have a lot of fun working on this project and I am very happy that I can at least offer support to so many people. Of course, it would be a great help if long-term supporters could be found. 

Help with the foundation stone

Queermed Germany would not have come into being through the important preparatory work that others have already done. Thanks to Queermed Austria and Gynformation, who supported me with a lot of advice and knowledge at the start of the project.

Support from many sides

At this point, I would also like to thank a number of individual people who have accompanied and supported this project & me to some extent at various points: Clara Wördenweber (logo), Alexander Borunski (search function), Manuel, Nicky, Luka, Ayda.

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