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Dr. med. Uta Sonneborn

General Practice
Recommended for
queer / lesbian / gay / bi / pan
male read
People with chronic illness
trans masculinities
Reason for visit
Pre- and aftercare for gender reassignment surgery
Insurance status
legally insured
privately insured
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Appointment by e-mail
Appointment by telephone
"Mostly addressed and called correctly. My concern on my first visit was post-operative care for a mastectomy (stitches removed). Dr Sonneborn thought it was necessary to ask if I had been to a trans consultation, and if I said no, she told me about a patient who had undergone detransition after living as a trans man for years. I didn't feel that my authority to decide what was right for me and my body was being taken seriously. However, the actual aftercare was very thoughtful and competent."
Last updated: 1. April 2024, 7:20 pm