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Queermed Germany is a directory for queer-friendly and sensitized doctors, therapists and practices.

Queermed Germany has been in existence since May 2021.

Currently, there is only one person working on this project, taking care of email, networking, social media, design, website maintenance, etc.  You can read more about it at About Queermed.

By clicking on “Submit recommendation”, a patient can submit a recommendation for a doctor, therapist, practice or even an entire hospital. In several steps, a series of information is requested, such as the contact details of the person treating the patient, the billing options (statutory health insurance, private, self-pay), the languages, and much more. At the same time, questions are asked about the handling of the treating person within the own experience to make sure that this recommendation can actually be passed on.

At the same time also aspects of the barrier liberty are queried and apart from elevator and orientation assistance for blind & visually impaired humans also further questions are asked.

Towards the end, there are a number of click options for which group(s) of people the recommendation can be made. The person making the recommendation should only select recommendations for associated groups of people (Muslim*, trans*, people with chronic illnesses, etc.) to which they themselves belong.

After a review of the recommendation with the verification of all contact details and information, the recommendation is made live.

This wish actually appears frequently. People would like to spare others the bad experience(s) that they themselves have had. However, “warnings” or “bad reviews” on the Internet are generally very problematic, since this can create a reputation-damaging impression, with which treating persons and practices have an easier handle for lawsuits. For this reason, warnings are avoided and only recommendations are presented on the website.


If you have a bad experience with a treating person or practice, feel free to report it using the contact form.

The focus of the project is only on patients making recommendations for other patients. It is important to expand all possibilities of sensitized and discrimination-critical practices, but here we compare different perceptions between practitioners and patients, which makes it difficult to read out for oneself which perception is closer to one’s own. 

There is always the possibility to ask for free material  (flyers & stickers)via the contact form. Otherwise, there is always the possibility to ask one’s own patients if they would like to make a recommendation. 


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